Welcome To Strings For Your Festive Occasion!

Festival Strings will be playing the 2015-16 season as a string trio only.  If your event is outdoors, a trio (two violins and cello) provides plenty of sound with melody, harmony and bass parts without the expense of a quartet.  We are available to play for whatever special event you are hosting, be it a dinner, wedding or solemn celebration.

Although we will gladly travel around northern lower Michigan, we are based near Traverse City, Michigan.

If you are planning a wedding, we can do the ceremony only (with 20 minutes of Prelude and 10 minutes of Postlude) and/or we can also stay for an accompanying cocktail hour or reception.

Please see our “Repertoire Suggestions” for a partial list of favorite musical selections.  If you are looking for something outside of our list, one special request is included in the base price; if you would like another, there is an additional charge for purchasing and arranging music.frog fiddlers1

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